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  •  Why You Should Never Buy Stocks and Only         Buy Options.
  • Understanding How Options Work.
  • Understanding Calls and Puts The 2                        Fundamental Options. 
  •   How to Limit Your Risk in Options. 
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List Of Topics That Will Be Covered
  •  Chapter 1: What is an Option?
  •  Chapter 2: Definitions
  • Chapter 3: Call Options
  •  Chapter 4: Put Options 
  •  Chapter 5: Option Contracts
  •  Chapter 6: Outrageous Returns
  • Chapter 7: Support and Resistance
  •  Chapter 8: K.I.S.S   
Hi, My Name is Larry Steinhouse and I am the Crazy Options Trader! 
Recently, I was discussing my options trading success and some recent trades with a friend, who said, “YOU’RE CRAZY!” He just couldn’t believe the money I was making and the trades that were working. 

But first, you should know that I wasn’t always successful at trading options. In fact, at first I lost most of the money I put into my options trading account.

It was just about two years ago, I decided to look over all of my previous trades and really examine when I made money and when I lost money. After a few hours of examination, I discovered a pattern!

Now, this pattern wasn’t obvious at first, nor would it be obvious to the average stock 
trader. In fact, if this pattern was widely used, the stock market would probably come to a grinding halt.

If everyone understood this pattern stocks would no longer go up or down. They would just stop! Mutual funds would have flat years, year after year! Your 401(k) would just have the money you put into it and never grow! Interest rates would always be zero. The good part is, inflation would stop!

OK, I know that sounds silly but really it makes sense once you understand what I discovered!
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